Why Won’t My Car Start? Is It A Dead Battery?

A dead battery is a very common reason why your car won’t start, but it isn’t the only problem. If your battery is three or four years old or older, and if you’ve been having problems getting your car started or needed a few jumpstarts, chances are the battery is dead. Kinetech Motor Werkes can replace your European automobile’s battery if that is the problem. If not, it could be any of the following issues.


The alternator keeps the battery powered while your vehicle is running. The battery gets everything started, and then the alternator replenishes discharged power as the battery loses it. If the alternator has gone bad, your battery isn’t getting any replenished power and it’s draining as you drive your car.


The starter often makes a clicking sound when you turn the key in your ignition or press the start button. If you hear this clicking sound, your battery is probably okay but the starter isn’t. The starter gets the combustion process going, so your vehicle will be unable to start without it.

Fuel Pump

If you hear grinding or humming when you try to start your automobile, it could be the fuel pump. This pump, which is electric in newer automobiles, transfers the gasoline from the tank to the engine. A dead or dying fuel pump cannot transfer the gas, and without gas, your vehicle will not start.

Fuel Filter or Injectors

The gasoline is filtered before it reaches the fuel injectors. Both of these parts can clog. The fuel filter is clogged by dirt and sediment, and the fuel injectors get clogged by carbon. Clogs mean no gas to the engine, which, of course, makes your vehicle difficult to start if you can get it started at all.

Spark Plugs

The spark plugs take the fuel sprayed into the cylinders by the fuel injectors and the air drawn through into the combustion chamber and ignite it to start your engine. If your spark plugs are worn and cannot generate a spark, your engine cannot start. Signs of spark plug trouble include stalling and misfiring.

Vacuum Hoses

Finally, the combustion chamber also uses vacuum pressure in its operation. Unused vacuum pressure is circulated through the engine to other components to power them. If the hoses through which the pressure is circulated are leaking, your vehicle’s engine will lose combustion and might not start.

Kinetech Motor Werkes is Indian Trail, North Carolina’s European automobile expert. We’ll find out why your car won’t start and repair the problem so you can count on it every time you turn the key.