Why Does My Car Keep Overheating?

It’s never safe to drive a car, truck, or SUV that is overheating. Not only do you run the risk of causing engine damage beyond the reason why the vehicle is overheating in the first place, but you also run the risk of setting the vehicle on fire. Normal engine temperatures reach as high as 220 degrees Fahrenheit before the radiator kicks in to cool things down. An overheating engine can get much, much hotter. Bring your vehicle into Kinetech Motor Werkes so we can determine why your car keeps overheating.


The engine thermostat is in charge of maintaining your vehicle’s engine temperature. It blocks coolant when you first start the car to allow the motor to heat up and then it releases the block so your cooling system can work to keep things under 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If the thermostat gets stuck in the block position, your cooling system will not release coolant the engine will overheat.

Water Pump

The water pump is in charge of pushing the coolant/water mixture through the engine to cool things down. If it’s broken or leaking, your engine will not get the radiator fluid it needs and it will overheat. As with the thermostat, the water pump can stop coolant flow altogether if isn’t functioning properly, which creates the same coolant-starved situation a bad thermostat can cause.

Radiator Fan

Once the thermostat opens and the water pump begins pumping coolant through the engine, the coolant draws heat away from working parts and transfers that heat to the radiator. The hot coolant cools down in the radiator before it is recirculated. A radiator fan helps expedite temperature reduction. If the fan isn’t working, hot coolant will recirculate back through the engine.

Radiator Cap

A loose or cracked radiator cap can also cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat. Your automobile’s cooling system works with pressure, and a loose or cracked radiator cap releases that pressure because it cannot create a vacuum seal. You may just need a new radiator cap if your car, truck, or SUV’s engine keeps overheating, or you might also need a coolant flush.

Finally, low coolant will also cause your engine to overheat so check your overflow and radiator only – please, only – when your engine is cool. If the coolant levels are fine, bring your vehicle into Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. Our number is 704-457-7821 and we specialize in preventative maintenance and repair for European automobiles. Call us today.