Why Did My Vehicle Fail the Emissions Test

There are a handful of reasons why a vehicle will fail an emissions test. It doesn’t matter if the car is European, Asian, or Domestic. If you drive a European automobile, however, you need European automotive specialists to get to the bottom of the emissions failure. Kinetech Motor Werkes is that specialist. We deal exclusively with European automobiles, and we’ve repaired hundreds of problems that have caused vehicles to fail their emissions test. Here are some common ones.

Exhaust System Trouble

There are several parts in your vehicle’s exhaust system that will cause the automobile to fail the emissions check if they are going bad. For example, if your vehicle’s catalytic converter is not converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide properly (or at all), you will have too much carbon monoxide in your vehicle’s exhaust and this will cause it to fail the emissions test.

Other vehicle exhaust system parts that can wreak havoc on your emissions test include the mass airflow sensor or MAF and the oxygen sensor. Both deal with how much air is in your automobile’s engine, and if they aren’t doing their job correctly, you might end up with too many harmful gases being released in your exhaust because the air/fuel mixture has too much fuel in it. The oxygen sensor in particular is responsible for measuring the exhaust’s oxygen levels.

Additional Causes

Other reasons why your European automobile did not pass the emissions test includes dirty oil, a loose gas cap (yes, we’re serious), the check engine warning light, and your vehicle’s spark plugs. To break these down further, dirty motor oil has more hydrocarbons in it than clean motor oil does, which means your exhaust will have a higher concentration of hydrocarbons. If your gas cap is too loose or your check engine light is on, your vehicle will not pass the test until these things are fixed. Finally, the spark plugs affect engine combustion which, in turn, can affect emissions. Everything needs to be work efficiently in order for your automobile to pass the emissions test with flying colors.

If your European automobile failed its emissions test, bring it into Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. We will run a diagnostic check and visual inspection to determine why your vehicle failed the test and then fix the problem so it will pass the retest. Call us today at 704-457-7821 to schedule an appointment, and don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of the problem.