What You Need to Know About Driving the Autobahn

Let’s step away from auto maintenance and repair for just a moment and have some fun. The Autobahn is a stretch of highway throughout Germany that allows drivers to cut loose and push their vehicles to their limits. Known for no speed limits and plenty of open space, just about everyone here at Kinetch Motor Werkes wants to drive it someday. What if you could drive it tomorrow? What would you need to know? Here are some surprising rules enforced on the Autobahn that show it isn’t a total free-for-all.

Automobiles Only

There are vehicle limitations on the Autobahn. Bicyclists cannot enter the Autobahn nor can those riding any two-wheeled vehicle other than a motorcycle. Mopeds go to slow and are not safe enough to handle the speeding traffic on this supersonic German highway. As with any highway, pedestrians are also banned from the Autobahn. Cars, trucks, SUVs and commercial vehicles are the only automobiles allowed to navigate this highway.

Some Road Rules – Usual and Unusual

If you run out of gas on the highways here in the States, you might get a ticket but chances are you’ll only suffer the ire of passing drivers. If you run out of gas on the Autobahn, you’ve just broken the law. This highway doesn’t allow for stranded drivers. You’re expected to keep up with the pace at all times. There are shoulders for car trouble, but it’s in your best interest to keep your tank full.

Passing is only allowed on the left and not allowed when signs prohibit it. As with here, slower traffic is expected to stay in the right lane. If there’s an accident, drivers must create a center lane for emergency vehicles. Drivers should also take breaks every two hours. The Autobahn encourages this with rest stops. Driving at high speeds exhausts you more than you realize, so utilize these stops to refresh.

Obey Speed Limits

German authorities do post and enforce speed limits when they are in the drivers’ best interests. In areas of high traffic, such as major cities, speed limits are posted to prevent accidents. Speed limits are also posted during inclement weather to, again, prevent accidents. You’ll also see speed limits if there has been an accident and in construction zones. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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