Transmission Problems Lead To Much Bigger Trouble For Your Benz Or Beemer

We don’t mean to alarm you by this blog post’s title, but minor transmission problems can lead to much bigger trouble for your Mercedes-Benz or BMW. They can also cause problems with your MINI Cooper. The best bet to avoid transmission problems is to get regular transmission services as recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Kinetech Motor Werkes is your one-stop-shop for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and MINI Cooper maintenance and repair, including automatic and manual transmissions.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Most people notice that they have a transmission fluid leak by spots on their garage floors. If you see red and translucent fluid leaking onto the floor from the center of your European automobile, it is most likely transmission fluid. Transmission fluid can leak from the transmission pan itself, or from the pan gasket or drain plug. Transmission hoses are also sources of transmission leaks, as is the torque pump. Red transmission fluid indicates the fluid is healthy. Brown or black transmission fluid needs to be changed right away. Pink transmission fluid is a sign of a serious problem between your vehicle’s transmission and cooling systems.

Other Signs of Transmission Problems

Leaking transmission fluid is not the only sign of transmission problems. In fact, your transmission might have a small leak that isn’t noticeable. This leak can still lead to low transmission level fluids in the system and performance issues. The performance issues are an indicator that something is going wrong with your transmission, and it’s important that you have the issues checked out as soon as possible. Sometimes the problem is caused by something as simple as low transmission fluid. Other times, the problem can be more serious, and continuing to drive your vehicle will damage the transmission beyond repair. These signs of transmission trouble include

  • Grinding when shifting gears
  • Clunking or squealing when shifting gears
  • Humming or buzzing sounds when in neutral
  • Delayed shifting or refusing to go into gear
  • Power loss, especially when accelerating
  • Burning smells coming from underneath your car

Time is of the essence. For example, if you notice your vehicle is slow to respond when you step on the gas, it could be a problem in the transmission with the gear engagement or torque pump. This lag can also be caused by other automotive problems, such as a fuel system issue or detonation failure. Bring your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, or MINI Cooper into Kinetech Motor Werkes right away. We are the best European auto shop in Indian Trail, NC, and we’ll inspect your transmission and engine to find and repair any problems before they cause additional damage to your European automobile.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay