Times When it’s Better to Call for a Tow Truck

Calling for a tow truck is stressful and frustrating, but there are times when you should definitely pull over and have your BMW, Mercedes, or MINI towed rather than continue to drive it. Kinetech Motor Werkes will tow your vehicle to our shop for free under certain circumstances. Regardless, call us or for roadside assistance if you experience any of the following while driving your European automobile.

Brake Trouble

If you’re a fan of action movies you’ve seen plenty of scenes filled with out-of-control cars that have no brakes. Don’t turn this film fantasy into a reality. If your brakes are squealing and smell hot, they are overheating and at risk of failing. If you see smoke on top of the other signs, you’ve got serious trouble.

Check Engine Warning

On rare occasions, your check engine light may come on for no reason but these occasions are rarer than you might think. If you receive the warning, you could be driving with electrical or exhaust problems. Fuel and ignition system malfunctions also turn on the check engine warning light.

Control Issues

You know how your Beemer, Benz, or MINI Cooper drives and if something feels off, you should play it safe and call for a tow. Loss of steering control can make you the cause of an automobile accident. If the wheels feel as if they’re all over the place, you might have a broken axle or another suspension issue.

Engine Performance Problems

Many things affect your engine’s performance and some of those things are dangerous. Surging, misfiring, and power loss are all symptoms of many different problems. The issue could be with the fuel system, the transmission, or the exhaust system. If fuel is the trouble, you could face an engine fire.

Overheating Engine

If you continue to drive your automobile with a hot engine, you’ll not only damage the engine but also open yourself up to fire risk. Turning up the heater to reduce the engine’s temperature does solve the problem, and the more you drive the hotter your engine gets, eventually cracking the engine block.

Transmission Trouble

Finally, you know how your vehicle shifts and if something is off, it’s wise to stop driving. Signs of serious transmission trouble include grinding and slipping gears and a transmission that refuses to go into gear. As with an overheated engine, the more you drive with a bad transmission the more damage you’ll do.

Don’t take chances with your European automobile. Call Kinetech Motor Werkes for a tow to our shop in Indian Trail, NC, if you suspect your vehicle is in trouble.

Photo by Yulyao from Getty Images via Canva Pro