Parking Lot Etiquette 101

You might not think of parking lot etiquette until you come out of the store and see your beautiful European automobile dinged. Parking lots get tighter and tighter to accommodate more cars and in the process, they also become more frustrating and dangerous. You shouldn’t have to worry about your car in a parking lot but these days you do. Here are some tips from Kinetech Motor Werkes to protect your vehicle in parking lots and they boil down to being polite and using some common sense.

Line Etiquette

Line etiquette can be considered two different things, waiting in line for a parking space or staying within the space lines. If you blast past a car or row of cars because someone is waiting for a parking space, you increase your chances of running into a car backing out of another space. Staying well within parking space lines avoids cramped conditions and door dings from other car doors.

Backing Out Etiquette

Don’t just get into your car and blast out of the parking space. You might hit another car or, worse, a pedestrian. Make sure you’re clear to back out of your parking space before you do so. Use all your tools available to check for obstacles, including your mirrors and rearview camera. Wait your turn and then back out slowly to avoid danger. Be polite and let pedestrians walk by before you back out.

Pedestrian Etiquette

You shouldn’t just watch for pedestrians when you back out of a parking space. Pay attention to people as you drive through the parking lot. Pay special attention to little ones who might suddenly dart out in front of you. Don’t be rude. Give pedestrians the right-of-way. You wouldn’t want someone to nearly hit you as they speed through the parking lot when you’re walking in or out of the business.

Speeding Etiquette

Speeding isn’t polite, whether in a parking lot or on the road. It’s also dangerous, especially in parking lots. Driving at high speeds opens you up to an automobile accident with another car or a car-to-human collision which could result in death. Parking lot etiquette isn’t necessarily polite so much as it is safe. Being polite helps you stay safe in a parking lot and helps prevent parking lot damage to your car.

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