How Do I Reset My Check Engine Light?

If you are considering resetting your check engine light so that you can get it to turn off, we here at Kinetech Motor Werkes strongly advise against this. It’s important to understand that a check engine warning often means there’s something wrong with your European automobile. A 2019 study showed that the check engine light is very effective and accurate in warning drivers of engine trouble. This isn’t a false alarm, and you shouldn’t try to reset the light yourself. Here are some reasons why.

Something Is Wrong

As we said above, studies confirm that check engine warnings are mostly accurate when they turn on. In other words, there really is something wrong with your car. Resetting the light doesn’t solve the problem underneath the hood. Rather, the check engine light will just turn on again once you fire up your European automobile. How the check engine light works explains this further.

Throughout your vehicle are sensors that monitor how every system is working. These sensors send reports to the main computer, which is called the engine control unit or the engine control module. If the engine control unit receives a system error, it will first try to resolve the issue itself. If it can’t solve the problem, it will turn on your check engine light to let you know a system is failing.

Check Engine Warnings

Check engine warnings cover everything from electrical system problems to transmission problems. Some of the most common reasons why the engine control module illuminates the check engine light include an issue with your vehicle’s catalytic converter, a problem with the air and fuel mixture caused by a malfunctioning mass airflow or oxygen sensor, or problems with the ignition and spark plugs.

Your vehicle’s engine control unit may also turn on the check engine light because you have transmission trouble or an engine vacuum leak. It doesn’t turn on the light for minor things, except when your gas cap is too loose, and this is why it’s important to pay attention to a check engine light warning. Resetting the light, again, wouldn’t solve transmission problems, for example.

Voids Extended Warranties

Aside from causing further engine damage by ignoring a check engine warning, if your European automobile has an extended warranty, you will void it if you attempt to reset the check engine light yourself. Any coverage that you have under this warranty will be lost, so it doesn’t make sense under any circumstance to reset the check engine light.

Rather, bring your European automobile to Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. We will find out why your check engine warning is on and fix the problem so it turns off by itself.

Photo by Shaddii from Getty Images via Canva Pro