Does Preventative Maintenance Really Save Money?

Preventative maintenance saves vehicle owners money in the end. It might seem as if it’s designed to put money in an auto mechanics pocket, but the auto mechanic isn’t the one who maps out the preventative maintenance schedule; the manufacturer does. It works with automotive engineers to determine what needs to be done when to ensure the vehicle always runs at its best. Kinetech Motor Werkes utilizes preventative maintenance to save its customers money every day. Here’s how.

Prevents Breakdowns

Preventative is the operative word in preventative maintenance. These service visits help prevent your automobile from breaking down. Rather than wait for a problem to determine a part is worn, preventative maintenance allows auto mechanics to see an issue before it becomes an issue. A simple example is your brakes. An auto technician can measure your pads at each scheduled brake inspection and let you know when it’s time to replace them before they wear down and damage your rotors.

Prevents Unsafe Conditions

Preventative maintenance also keeps your vehicle safe, and this is critical every time you get behind the wheel. For example, if your tires are worn and you failed to replace them, you could lose control of your vehicle on slick roads. Imagine you didn’t have your brake pads replaced and they’ve damaged your rotors. What would you do if you couldn’t stop your car? What if your axle broke while you were driving fast on the highway? All of these dangerous scenarios can be avoided with preventative maintenance.

Prevents Inefficiency

Another way preventative maintenance saves you money is it prevents inefficiency. With all systems operating as they should be, your engine can relax a little, which means you don’t burn through as much gasoline. The harder the parts have to work the more fuel they burn, so it’s always wise to stick to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule so it runs just like new no matter how old it is. Even something as simple as underinflated tires or a dirty air filter can cost you gas mileage, so keep everything serviced.

Prevents Aging

No, we aren’t talking Botox® for your car, but preventative maintenance is the anti-aging formula for automobiles. Unlike humans, when a part ages in a car it can be replaced with a new part and this keeps your vehicle in just-off-the-lot condition. Well-maintained automobiles have been known to get as much as 400,000-plus miles on them before they finally get too old. You’ve paid your car off well before 400,000 miles, which saves you the expense of a car payment and added insurance.

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