Do I Have to Take My European Automobile to the Dealer for Maintenance?

We here at Kinetech Motor Werkes are asked this question a lot and the answer is no, you do not have to take your European automobile to the dealer’s service department for maintenance. You don’t have to take it there for repair, either. Don’t let the dealer bully you into thinking otherwise. You can have all of your factory maintenance and repair done at an independent auto service shop. There are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t void your extended warranty or lease with European auto service.

Stick to the Maintenance Schedule Like Clockwork

In order to ensure you don’t void your extended warranty, you must stick to the factory maintenance schedule like clockwork. If your warranty and owner’s manual says you need to have the oil changed in your European automobile every 3,000 miles, then you need to have the oil changed in your European automobile every 3,000 miles without fail. Whether you have the maintenance done at the dealer or another shop, if you miss one service visit, you’ll void your warranty.

Document Everything So There Aren’t Any Questions

The minute you purchase or lease your European dream car, start a service and repair log. Make certain you enter into the log every time you have the vehicle in the shop for preventative maintenance or repair. Document the exact mileage on the odometer when you bring the vehicle into the shop, the date of the service, the services performed in detail, the costs, and whether the mechanics found anything else wrong with the vehicle. As for a detailed estimate and final accounting of all work performed and attach the paperwork to your log along with proof of your payment for the work.

Make Sure the Shop Has the Proper Experience

Finally, make certain the independent repair shop you take your automobile to for maintenance and repair has experience with European automobiles and are certified accordingly. You shouldn’t trust anything less than ASE-certified technicians who specialize in European automotive service. The techs have vast experience in European automobile technology and are often educated specifically in certain brands such as BMW or MINI, which means they know what they’re doing when they maintain and repair your European automobile, i.e. the extended warranty issuer cannot reject any claim.

Call Kinetech Motor Werkes For European Auto Service

You probably know where we’re going with this last point and, yes, Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC, is that independent service shop. We specialize in European automotive service and repair and our technicians have the training and experience you need to ensure the best service for your European automobile. Contact us today.