Carbon Cleaning Benefits for Your European Automobile

If you have driven a European automobile for a long time, you know all about carbon cleaning. If you’re new to your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or other European brand, let’s talk about carbon cleaning. Kinetech Motor Werkes offers this service to our customers as part of our commitment to ensure your vehicle always runs as best as it can. Here is more information about this crucial service.

Why Does My Vehicle Manufacturer Recommend Carbon Cleaning?

Let’s talk about gasoline. It doesn’t matter if the fuel is diesel or gasoline, when this fuel burns, it releases carbon. This is unavoidable, which is why it’s necessary to have your vehicle’s engine carbon-cleaned. We need to remove the carbon buildup deposited by the fuel consumption process or you will find that crucial engine parts will get clogged by the carbon buildup. In European vehicles with turbo engines, in particular, fuel injectors and EGR valves can become compromised by carbon buildup. When we clean the carbon deposits away, function and efficiency are restored.

Your Vehicle Manufacturer Also Recommends Carbon Cleaning for the Following Benefits

Imagine a cleaning that can restore your European automobile to its as-new condition. Carbon cleaning can help do this. There are many benefits that coincide with carbon cleaning, some of which include

  • Giving you a better driving experience by smoothing out your vehicle’s engine performance
  • Restoring engine power by improving horsepower and torque production
  • Revitalizing crucial systems, such as the inlet system
  • Boosting engine performance yet, at the same time, boosting fuel economy
  • Reducing engine noise and vibration caused by carbon deposits
  • Lowering your vehicle’s emissions

Our customers report a noticeable difference in their European automobiles right after the carbon cleaning, which is an added benefit to this service. You bring your vehicle into our shop with the realization that it isn’t running like it used to and then leave with it running as if it were brand new.


A bonus perk of carbon cleaning is that it doesn’t harm the environment. As we mentioned in our bulleted list above, once the cleaning is complete, your vehicle will reduce the amount of harmful emissions it introduces into the environment. In addition, harmful chemicals that run-off into the ground or wastewater system are not used. This cleaning method is eco-friendly and green. There is nothing about the cleaning that harms the environment.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Call Kinetech Motor Werkes at 704-457-7821 to schedule your vehicle’s carbon cleaning. You’ll find our shop in Indian Trail, NC.

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels via Canva Pro