Brake Parts and Their Function

Kinetech Motor Werkes knows brakes; so well, in fact, we’re going to list brake parts and their function so you know as much as we do about brakes. You already know the brake system is crucial to road safety. Can you imagine not being able to stop your vehicle? We don’t want you ever to face that frightening situation, which is why we maintain and replace European automobile brake systems. Here are the brake parts in your vehicle’s system and what they do.

Anti-Lock System

Computer sensors monitor your wheels and should you slam on your brakes, the anti-lock system will pump your brakes quickly to prevent the wheels from locking. Locked wheels disable steering, which means you lose control of your vehicle.


If you have power brakes you have a brake booster. This part sits behind the master cylinder on the firewall. The booster has a rubber diaphragm that opens and closes when you brake to allow air into the pedal chamber to boost your foot pressure.

Disc Brakes

You’ll find disc brakes on the front wheels and possibly on all four wheels if your car is new. When you step on the brake pedal, master cylinder brake fluid flows into the caliper which presses against the piston. The piston presses the brake pads into the rotors to stop the wheels.

Drum Brakes

Drum brakes handle the rear wheels and they have shoes instead of pads. Brake fluid is forced into the drum brake wheel cylinder when you step you on your brake pedal. The fluid pushes brake shoes against the inside of the brake drum to slow and stop the rear wheels.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is on the engine firewall. The cylinder has two separate cylinders for each set of wheels. Brake fluid is hydraulic fluid – it’s designed to respond to pressure – the master cylinder controls that fluid, pressing the brake fluid into the brake cylinders.


You know what your brake pedal does when you step on it, but how does it stop your car? When you depress the pedal, it moves a master cylinder piston that then signals the cylinder to release the brake fluid and force it through hoses to the brake parts on each wheel.

Finally, if your vehicle has disc and drum brakes, it also has a proportioning valve that distributes pressure evenly between all four wheels to avoid control loss. Kinetech Motor Werkes services, repairs, and replaces brake systems. Call our Indian Trail, NC, shop at 704-457-7821.