BMW Brake Pad Warning Signs

Your Beemer is a lean, mean, driving machine and if you like to test its speed capabilities, you’d better be sure you can stop on a dime when you need to. Depending on the year and model of your BMW, as well as the brake pad type, you should plan to have Kinetech Motor Werkes change your brake pads every 30,000-to-50,000 miles. If you notice any of the following warning signs, you might need to have the brake pads changed earlier to avoid brake system damage and ensure driving safety.

Wear Indicator Warning Light

BMW equips its vehicles with a brake pad wear indicator warning light that will illuminate when the pads are getting too low. This is your first sign of trouble, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to have the pads inspected and replaced. As you will see below, putting off this service can damage other brake system parts, so take the warning seriously and have the brake pads replaced.

Squealing at High Speeds

Another warning built into the brake pads themselves is a sensor that will make the brakes squeal when the pad surface is getting too low. What makes this squeal identifiable, i.e. you know it’s the brake pad warning sensor, is that you will hear the brakes squeal as you pick up speed rather than when you apply the brakes. The squealing will actually stop when you brake.

Grinding While Braking

You probably already know this but it bears repeating: If your brakes grind when you use them, the pads are worn down completely. You don’t have pad surfaces anymore and the metal backing is rubbing against the metal rotors. If you keep braking without brake pad surfaces, you will damage the rotors. The metal-on-metal friction will bend and warp them.

Vibration or Wobbling While Braking

Your Beemer may also wobble or vibrate when you apply the brakes if the pads have no surface anymore. The metal-on-metal contact can also make the wheels vibrate. This is serious, and it’s very important that you get the brakes inspected as soon as possible. Aside from needing new brake pads, you might also have problems with the calipers, rotors, or master cylinder.

Kinetech Motor Werkes is a BMW specialist and we service and repair BMW braking systems. Set up an appointment for a brake inspection at our Indian Trail, NC, auto shop by calling 704-457-7821. Our certified technicians will inspect the brakes and replace any worn or damaged parts.

Image by Lothar Wandtner from Pixabay