4 Signs Your Car Needs an Engine Replacement

European automobiles can have the same major problems that domestic automobiles can have, and some of those problems can only be solved with a new engine. Aside from the shock and concern over the cost, you must also consider whether you should have your vehicle repaired or buy a new one. Many of our customers here at Kinetech Motor Werkes are driving their dream European automobile, so the engine replacement is the solution. Here are four signs it’s time to replace the engine in your car.

Excessive Exhaust

Even if your European machine is diesel, you shouldn’t see excessive exhaust. If you do, there’s a serious problem. Blue exhaust points to the mother of all oil leaks, and this is bad; white exhaust points to a cracked head gasket, which is also bad; black exhaust points to fuel, and you could end up with an engine fire. Any of these problems point to a partial engine rebuild or an engine replacement.

Excessive Knocking Noises

Your vehicle’s engine has bearings, and when they wear out, you will hear excessive knocking noises coming from underneath the hood. Once the bearings wear out, your engine is quick to follow, and it will stop running entirely. In some cases, the bearings can be replaced before too much additional engine damage if you have them inspected at the first sign (or sound) of trouble.

Metal Shavings in Motor Oil

Frequent oil changes and quality motor oil can prevent this from ever happening. As you know, your motor oil coats moving engine parts to reduce friction. As the oil wears down, the moving parts scrape against each other and produce metal shavings. If we find metal shavings in your motor oil, your engine parts are seriously damaged, which likely means partial or total engine replacement.

Significant Power Loss

Finally, there are many things that will reduce your vehicle’s engine power and some of them are a sign of death. Usually, when your engine loses significant power and you cannot recover the power as you drive, several systems are failing at once. Instant power loss can also signal that your timing belt has broken, and this will also destroy your valves, piston, and even the engine block.

If you do suspect significant engine damage in your European automobile, have it towed into Kinetech Motor Werkes rather than driving it in. Towing will prevent additional damage. Call our shop in Indian Trail, NC, at 704-457-7821 to let us know what’s going on with your car, crossover, or truck. We’ll inspect the engine and work with you to find the best repair solution.