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Do I Have to Take My European Automobile to the Dealer for Maintenance_

Do I Have to Take My European Automobile to the Dealer for Maintenance?

We here at Kinetech Motor Werkes are asked this question a lot and the answer is no, you do not have to take your European automobile to the dealer’s service department for maintenance. You don’t have to take it there for repair, either. Don’t let the dealer bully you into thinking otherwise. You can have all of your factory maintenance and repair done at an independent auto service shop. There are just a few things to keep in mind to ensure you don’t void your extended warranty or lease.

Stick to the Maintenance Schedule Like Clockwork

In order to ensure you don’t void your extended warranty, you must stick to the factory maintenance schedule like clockwork. If your warranty and owner’s manual says you need to have the oil changed in your European automobile every 3,000 miles, then you need to have the oil changed in your European automobile every 3,000 miles without fail. Whether you have the maintenance done at the dealer or another shop, if you miss one service visit, you’ll void your warranty.

Document Everything So There Aren’t Any Questions

The minute you purchase or lease your European dream car, start a service and repair log. Make certain you enter into the log every time you have the vehicle in the shop for preventative maintenance or repair. Document the exact mileage on the odometer when you bring the vehicle into the shop, the date of the service, the services performed in detail, the costs, and whether the mechanics found anything else wrong with the vehicle. As for a detailed estimate and final accounting of all work performed and attach the paperwork to your log along with proof of your payment for the work.

Make Sure the Shop Has the Proper Experience

Finally, make certain the independent repair shop you take your automobile to for maintenance and repair has experience with European automobiles and are certified accordingly. You shouldn’t trust anything less than ASE-certified technicians who specialize in European automotive service. The techs have vast experience in European automobile technology and are often educated specifically in certain brands such as BMW or MINI Cooper, which means they know what they’re doing when they maintain and repair your European automobile, i.e. the extended warranty issuer cannot reject any claim.

You probably know where we’re going with this last point and, yes, Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC, is that independent service shop. We specialize in European automotive service and repair and our technicians have the training and experience you need to ensure the best service for your European automobile. Call us today at 704-457-7821.

4 Signs Your Car Needs an Engine Replacement

4 Signs Your Car Needs an Engine Replacement

European automobiles can have the same major problems that domestic automobiles can have, and some of those problems can only be solved with a new engine. Aside from the shock and concern over the cost, you must also consider whether you should have your vehicle repaired or buy a new one. Many of our customers here at Kinetech Motor Werkes are driving their dream European automobile, so the engine replacement is the solution. Here are four signs it’s time to replace the engine in your car.

Excessive Exhaust

Even if your European machine is diesel, you shouldn’t see excessive exhaust. If you do, there’s a serious problem. Blue exhaust points to the mother of all oil leaks, and this is bad; white exhaust points to a cracked head gasket, which is also bad; black exhaust points to fuel, and you could end up with an engine fire. Any of these problems point to a partial engine rebuild or an engine replacement.

Excessive Knocking Noises

Your vehicle’s engine has bearings, and when they wear out, you will hear excessive knocking noises coming from underneath the hood. Once the bearings wear out, your engine is quick to follow, and it will stop running entirely. In some cases, the bearings can be replaced before too much additional engine damage if you have them inspected at the first sign (or sound) of trouble.

Metal Shavings in Motor Oil

Frequent oil changes and quality motor oil can prevent this from ever happening. As you know, your motor oil coats moving engine parts to reduce friction. As the oil wears down, the moving parts scrape against each other and produce metal shavings. If we find metal shavings in your motor oil, your engine parts are seriously damaged, which likely means partial or total engine replacement.

Significant Power Loss

Finally, there are many things that will reduce your vehicle’s engine power and some of them are a sign of death. Usually, when your engine loses significant power and you cannot recover the power as you drive, several systems are failing at once. Instant power loss can also signal that your timing belt has broken, and this will also destroy your valves, piston, and even the engine block.

If you do suspect significant engine damage in your European automobile, have it towed into Kinetech Motor Werkes rather than driving it in. Towing will prevent additional damage. Call our shop in Indian Trail, NC, at 704-457-7821 to let us know what’s going on with your car, crossover, or truck. We’ll inspect the engine and work with you to find the best repair solution.

Why Did My Vehicle Fail the Emissions Test

Why Did My Vehicle Fail the Emissions Test

There are a handful of reasons why a vehicle will fail an emissions test. It doesn’t matter if the car is European, Asian, or Domestic. If you drive a European automobile, however, you need European automotive specialists to get to the bottom of the emissions failure. Kinetech Motor Werkes is that specialist. We deal exclusively with European automobiles, and we’ve repaired hundreds of problems that have caused vehicles to fail their emissions test. Here are some common ones.

Exhaust System Trouble

There are several parts in your vehicle’s exhaust system that will cause the automobile to fail the emissions check if they are going bad. For example, if your vehicle’s catalytic converter is not converting carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide properly (or at all), you will have too much carbon monoxide in your vehicle’s exhaust and this will cause it to fail the emissions test.

Other vehicle exhaust system parts that can wreak havoc on your emissions test include the mass airflow sensor or MAF and the oxygen sensor. Both deal with how much air is in your automobile’s engine, and if they aren’t doing their job correctly, you might end up with too many harmful gases being released in your exhaust because the air/fuel mixture has too much fuel in it. The oxygen sensor in particular is responsible for measuring the exhaust’s oxygen levels.

Additional Causes

Other reasons why your European automobile did not pass the emissions test includes dirty oil, a loose gas cap (yes, we’re serious), the check engine warning light, and your vehicle’s spark plugs. To break these down further, dirty motor oil has more hydrocarbons in it than clean motor oil does, which means your exhaust will have a higher concentration of hydrocarbons. If your gas cap is too loose or your check engine light is on, your vehicle will not pass the test until these things are fixed. Finally, the spark plugs affect engine combustion which, in turn, can affect emissions. Everything needs to be work efficiently in order for your automobile to pass the emissions test with flying colors.

If your European automobile failed its emissions test, bring it into Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. We will run a diagnostic check and visual inspection to determine why your vehicle failed the test and then fix the problem so it will pass the retest. Call us today at 704-457-7821 to schedule an appointment, and don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of the problem.

Know the Causes of Rear-End Collisions So You Can Avoid Them

Know the Causes of Rear-End Collisions So You Can Avoid Them

We take European automobiles very seriously here at Kinetech Motor Werkes. Not only are these machines amazing feats of automotive engineering and manufacturing; they are also stunning. We don’t want you to ever be in an automobile accident, especially a rear-end collision. Knowledge is power, right? So let’s discuss the common causes of rear-end collisions so you can avoid becoming a statistic.


One of the most common causes of rear-end collisions is traffic. Whether you are following too closely, or you’re being followed too closely, people tend to bump into each other when sitting in traffic jams. Don’t lose focus just because you’re stopping and going. Leave room between the vehicle in front of you so you don’t hit it in case its driver stops suddenly because he wasn’t paying attention.


With all of the laws and news reports about distracted driving, it seems somewhat unreal that we still talk about it. Admit it. You pick up your cell phone when you get a text message even though you’re driving. Stop doing that and don’t do anything else that will distract you. One of the key practices of defensive driving is remaining alert. Turn the cell phone notifications off.

Reckless Driving

You’re late. You’re speeding to get to work on time. You’re weaving in between traffic to pass all the stupid slow drivers. You get caught and cannot change lanes. You can’t stop fast enough either. You rear-end the car in front of you. Or, you tailgate all the time because you’re in control and people need to go faster or get the heck out of your way. Instant rear-end collision; just add you.

Exhausted Driving

We’re going to surprise you. Did you know that exhausted or tired driving is as dangerous as drunk driving? It doesn’t seem possible but it’s true. When you’re beat, you lose your motor skills just as you do when you’re drunk. Consequently, you might not even realize you’re falling asleep behind to wheel until you slam into the person in front of you.

Car Trouble

Finally, mechanical failure can cause an accident and you might either be the victim or the perpetrator. Suppose your brakes fail and you cannot stop. What about a blown tire? If your vehicle breaks down, you might either be the cause of an automobile accident or the victim of one, especially if you can’t get your car, truck, or SUV out of traffic.

Keep this last cause of rear-end collisions at bay with regular maintenance visits to Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. Call our number, 704-457-7821, and set up your appointment today.

Carbon Cleaning Benefits for Your European Automobile

Carbon Cleaning Benefits for Your European Automobile

If you have driven a European automobile for a long time, you know all about carbon cleaning. If you’re new to your Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, or other European brand, let’s talk about carbon cleaning. Kinetech Motor Werkes offers this service to our customers as part of our commitment to ensure your vehicle always runs as best as it can. Here is more information about this crucial service.

Why Does My Vehicle Manufacturer Recommend Carbon Cleaning?

Let’s talk about gasoline. It doesn’t matter if the fuel is diesel or gasoline, when this fuel burns, it releases carbon. This is unavoidable, which is why it’s necessary to have your vehicle’s engine carbon-cleaned. We need to remove the carbon buildup deposited by the fuel consumption process or you will find that crucial engine parts will get clogged by the carbon buildup. In European vehicles with turbo engines, in particular, fuel injectors and EGR valves can become compromised by carbon buildup. When we clean the carbon deposits away, function and efficiency are restored.

Your Vehicle Manufacturer Also Recommends Carbon Cleaning for the Following Benefits

Imagine a cleaning that can restore your European automobile to its as-new condition. Carbon cleaning can help do this. There are many benefits that coincide with carbon cleaning, some of which include

  • Giving you a better driving experience by smoothing out your vehicle’s engine performance
  • Restoring engine power by improving horsepower and torque production
  • Revitalizing crucial systems, such as the inlet system
  • Boosting engine performance yet, at the same time, boosting fuel economy
  • Reducing engine noise and vibration caused by carbon deposits
  • Lowering your vehicle’s emissions

Our customers report a noticeable difference in their European automobiles right after the carbon cleaning, which is an added benefit to this service. You bring your vehicle into our shop with the realization that it isn’t running like it used to and then leave with it running as if it were brand new.


A bonus perk of carbon cleaning is that it doesn’t harm the environment. As we mentioned in our bulleted list above, once the cleaning is complete, your vehicle will reduce the amount of harmful emissions it introduces into the environment. In addition, harmful chemicals that run-off into the ground or wastewater system are not used. This cleaning method is eco-friendly and green. There is nothing about the cleaning that harms the environment.

What do you have to lose? Nothing. Call Kinetech Motor Werkes at 704-457-7821 to schedule your vehicle’s carbon cleaning. You’ll find our shop in Indian Trail, NC.

BMW Mechanic Indian Trail

What to Look for in Your BMW Mechanic

If you drive a BMW, you know how important it is to find a mechanic who truly understands your vehicle inside and out. Kinetech Motor Werkes is proud to be the provider of BMW service and BMW Repair Indian Trail drivers trust most with their vehicles. We have been delivering top-quality BMW service and repairs to our community since 2013 and our BMW experts have over 40 years of experience. That is how we know what it takes to be a top-quality BMW mechanic.

BMW Expert Technicians

All vehicles are not created equal and anytime you are having your BMW serviced or repaired it is important to know that you have a BMW expert on your side. Technology and engineering vary across automobile manufacturers which means that repairing a BMW and repairing a Ford are two very different things. That’s why you want a technician with the experience and expertise that is specialized to your BMW.

BMW Ready Facility

As the automotive manufacturing industry has evolved in both technology and engineering, the auto repair industry has had to keep up. Not every auto repair shop can claim to have the most up to date technology and tools at their fingertips, but it is important that your BMW mechanic does. At Kinetech Motor Werkes, we are proud of our state of the art facility that is equipped with everything it takes to handle all of your BMW services and repairs. We only use top quality parts in our repairs and we are so confident in our work that we offer a 3 year / 36,000-mile warranty.

A Next Level of Service

When you are choosing a BMW mechanic, you want to know that you are choosing an expert who truly cares about you, your vehicle, and the service they provide. The team at Kinetech Motor Werkes is truly passionate when it comes not only to our work but to your overall satisfaction. From the time you make an appointment until you drive away, we will do everything we can to make the BMW service and repair process as easy as possible for you. And with our level of expertise and access to the latest technology you can feel good knowing that your repairs were done correctly by an expert technician who cares.

If you are looking for a BMW mechanic in Indian Trail, Kinetech Motor Werkes is the BMW expert that more drivers recommend. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Parking Lot Etiquette 101

You might not think of parking lot etiquette until you come out of the store and see your beautiful European automobile dinged. Parking lots get tighter and tighter to accommodate more cars and in the process, they also become more frustrating and dangerous. You shouldn’t have to worry about your car in a parking lot but these days you do. Here are some tips from Kinetech Motor Werkes to protect your vehicle in parking lots and they boil down to being polite and using some common sense.

Line Etiquette

Line etiquette can be considered two different things, waiting in line for a parking space or staying within the space lines. If you blast past a car or row of cars because someone is waiting for a parking space, you increase your chances of running into a car backing out of another space. Staying well within parking space lines avoids cramped conditions and door dings from other car doors.

Backing Out Etiquette

Don’t just get into your car and blast out of the parking space. You might hit another car or, worse, a pedestrian. Make sure you’re clear to back out of your parking space before you do so. Use all your tools available to check for obstacles, including your mirrors and rearview camera. Wait your turn and then back out slowly to avoid danger. Be polite and let pedestrians walk by before you back out.

Pedestrian Etiquette

You shouldn’t just watch for pedestrians when you back out of a parking space. Pay attention to people as you drive through the parking lot. Pay special attention to little ones who might suddenly dart out in front of you. Don’t be rude. Give pedestrians the right-of-way. You wouldn’t want someone to nearly hit you as they speed through the parking lot when you’re walking in or out of the business.

Speeding Etiquette

Speeding isn’t polite, whether in a parking lot or on the road. It’s also dangerous, especially in parking lots. Driving at high speeds opens you up to an automobile accident with another car or a car-to-human collision which could result in death. Parking lot etiquette isn’t necessarily polite so much as it is safe. Being polite helps you stay safe in a parking lot and helps prevent parking lot damage to your car.

European automotive specialists Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC, wants you to stay in your car no matter where you are. Bring your vehicle in for maintenance and repairs. You can reach us at 704-457-7821 for an appointment.

Why Does My Car Keep Overheating

Why Does My Car Keep Overheating?

It’s never safe to drive a car, truck, or SUV that is overheating. Not only do you run the risk of causing engine damage beyond the reason why the vehicle is overheating in the first place, but you also run the risk of setting the vehicle on fire. Normal engine temperatures reach as high as 220 degrees Fahrenheit before the radiator kicks in to cool things down. An overheating engine can get much, much hotter. Bring your vehicle into Kinetech Motor Werkes so we can determine why your car keeps overheating.


The engine thermostat is in charge of maintaining your vehicle’s engine temperature. It blocks coolant when you first start the car to allow the motor to heat up and then it releases the block so your cooling system can work to keep things under 220 degrees Fahrenheit. If the thermostat gets stuck in the block position, your cooling system will not release coolant the engine will overheat.

Water Pump

The water pump is in charge of pushing the coolant/water mixture through the engine to cool things down. If it’s broken or leaking, your engine will not get the radiator fluid it needs and it will overheat. As with the thermostat, the water pump can stop coolant flow altogether if isn’t functioning properly, which creates the same coolant-starved situation a bad thermostat can cause.

Radiator Fan

Once the thermostat opens and the water pump begins pumping coolant through the engine, the coolant draws heat away from working parts and transfers that heat to the radiator. The hot coolant cools down in the radiator before it is recirculated. A radiator fan helps expedite temperature reduction. If the fan isn’t working, hot coolant will recirculate back through the engine.

Radiator Cap

A loose or cracked radiator cap can also cause your vehicle’s engine to overheat. Your automobile’s cooling system works with pressure, and a loose or cracked radiator cap releases that pressure because it cannot create a vacuum seal. You may just need a new radiator cap if your car, truck, or SUV’s engine keeps overheating, or you might also need a coolant flush.

Finally, low coolant will also cause your engine to overheat so check your overflow and radiator only – please, only – when your engine is cool. If the coolant levels are fine, bring your vehicle into Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC. Our number is 704-457-7821 and we specialize in preventative maintenance and repair for European automobiles. Call us today.

Exhaust System Problems – Signs Your Car Has Them

Exhaust System Problems – Signs Your Car Has Them

European automobiles are known for their power and handling and part of what makes them zoom as well as they do is their exhaust systems. Designed to process engine waste safely and efficiently, problems with an exhaust system can do more than result in a Check Engine light warning. It can introduce dangerous toxins into your vehicle’s cabin and the environment. Kinetech Motor Werkes lists signs of exhaust system problems so you can identify them quickly and have the issue fixed.

Excess Engine Noise

Do your neighbors stare at you angrily as you pull into your driveway? Does your spouse say she can hear you coming from a mile away? Your engine should not be overly noisy – the exhaust system helps control excess noise – and if you sound like a drag racer, you have muffler problems. 

Acceleration and Power Loss

How about if you sound like a drag racer but you can’t get your vehicle to accelerate like one, or even like it normally does? That’s also a sign of exhaust system trouble. Engine performance loss from a dead stop or while you’re driving indicates the exhaust system is not working as it should be.

Mileage Decrease

If your vehicle is struggling to gain and maintain power, it will burn more gasoline than normal and that means you’ll be heading to the gas station more often. This might seem like a small problem at first, but failure to fix the exhaust system will damage your engine and cost you more money in the end.

Burning Smells

You might notice burning smells from your engine if your exhaust manifold has cracked. It will burn plastic parts and engine wiring around it. If your catalytic converter is having trouble, you’ll smell rotten eggs – not a pleasant odor. Burning smells mean trouble, so stop driving your vehicle and call for a tow.

Gasoline Smells

This sign is dangerous. You should never smell gasoline inside the cabin of your car, truck, or SUV. If you do, head to the nearest auto repair shop. Aside from inhaling gas odors, you could also be inhaling carbon monoxide, so don’t take chances. Have any gas smell inside your cabin investigated immediately.

Finally, you may have visual signs of exhaust system trouble, too, such as a hanging tailpipe or too much smoke coming out of your tailpipe(s). Call Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC, at 704-457-7821 to set up an exhaust system inspection and repair appointment.

The Top 5 2020 Cars From BMW Group

The Top 5 2020 Cars From BMW Group

BMW Group offers up some pretty amazing machines in 2020, but can you afford them? That might be the ultimate question when you see the fifth car on our list. Kinetech Motor Werkes provides topnotch preventative maintenance and automotive repair services for European makes and models, and we know how to keep BMW Group automobiles running as they should be. Here are five 2020 BMW Group automobiles that have knocked the socks off those who have tested them or already bought them.

BMW M8 Competition

Whether you want the coupe or convertible, this vehicle gives its drivers a ton of power. What’s underneath the hood? A 4.4-liter, twin-turbocharged, DOHC V8 engine. How many horses? Try 617 and 553 pound-feet of torque. Can you handle that baby? The automatic transmission has eight gears and the all-wheel-drive system gives you plenty of grip of the road to fly through all of them.


BMW is three generations into the X6 series and its drivers love this car. This vehicle is produced here in the U.S. at BMW’s largest plant in the world, the Spartanburg, SC, plant. You’ll find 523 horses in the 4.4-liter, twin-turbo V8 engine. The X6 produces 553 pound-feet of torque and you can reach 60 mph in 4.1 seconds flat. Probably shouldn’t attempt that with the kids in the car, although they’d love it.

MINI John Cooper Works Clubman

The what? That’s a mouthful, but this MINI gives drivers plenty of power under the hood and a quick response to the pedal to the metal. Its zero-to-60 time is just under 5 seconds and that’s because it has 301 horsepower alongside 331 pound-feet of torque. The engine is turbocharged, 2.0 liters, and four cylinders. This car can go as fast as 155 mph but you’ll have a lot of ‘splaining to do if you get pulled over.

Alpina B7

If you’re really looking to have to explain your way out of speeding ticket, custom order the Alpina B7. You can hit the gas the minute the light turns green and reach 60 mph in 3.5 seconds. Oh, yeah! The car can handle speeds up to 205 mph but not a good idea. Under the hood rests a beauty: 4.4 liters, twin-turbo, V8, 600 horsepower, 590 pound-feet of torque. You’ll need about $150,000 to buy this car.

Rolls Royce Wraith Black Badge

If a $150,000 price tag shocks you, how about almost $400,000? Rolls Royce remains the king of luxury automobiles and the Wraith Black Badge is hand-assembled, as all Rolls Royce vehicles are. This model appeals to a younger crowd with a classic yet sporty appearance. You feel old or stuffy in this automobile. A twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V12 engine provides 603 horses. Wow!

Kinetech Motor Werkes in Indian Trail, NC, can help you with your European automobile. Call us at 704-457-7821 for preventative maintenance and repair services.


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